UT Afterschool Program

Multi-Site Driven by a Centralized Hub


Enhancing Educational Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

The UT Afterschool Program represents a significant stride forward in educational enrichment, overseen by the University of Tennessee Extension Department of Family and Consumer Sciences Human Development Specialists. This initiative is dedicated to broadening the horizons of learning for students across the state, providing a robust web presence that serves as a central hub for each local Afterschool program. Designed to support the marketing of programs, facilitate access to information for families, and highlight the advantages of Afterschool activities within communities, this platform is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to implement or expand after-school activities in their schools.

Leadership and Creativity at the Forefront

Strategic Project Oversight

Guided the project creative from its initial conception to a fully functional and impactful deployment, ensuring that each Afterschool program’s unique needs were met while maintaining cohesion within the overall UT Afterschool effort.

Applied strategic creative direction to shape the platform’s development, ensuring that the site serves as a source of inspiration and insight for after-school activities.

Artistic Vision and Team Dynamics

Directed the branding, design, and content creation processes, crafting a visually appealing and informative online presence that effectively communicates the value of Afterschool programs.

Managed a team of creative professionals, fostering an environment where collaboration and innovation thrive, producing high-quality, engaging content.

Quality Control and Collaboration

Oversaw creative funding, optimizing resource allocation to maximize the project’s reach and impact.

Ensured the project adhered to the highest quality standards, from web functionality to content accuracy, creating a reliable and user-friendly experience for families and educators alike.

Facilitated ongoing communication and collaboration with a diverse range of stakeholders, including internal teams, external partners, and community leaders, ensuring the program’s success and relevance.

Digital Excellence and Community Engagement

Led web development and UI/UX design, creating an intuitive platform that makes information easily accessible to families and promotes local programs effectively.

Implemented SEO and custom content management strategies to enhance the site’s visibility and user engagement.

Directed social media and marketing efforts, raising awareness of the Afterschool programs and encouraging community involvement.

Provided technical consulting to ensure the site’s infrastructure supports a seamless user experience.

Visual Communication and Research

Oversaw graphic design and photography, capturing the essence of Afterschool activities and the impact they have on communities.

Conducted research to inform the development of content that supports educational goals and addresses the needs of families and educators.

The UT Afterschool Program is a testament to the University of Tennessee’s commitment to extending learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting. Through strategic leadership, innovative digital solutions, and a focus on collaboration and quality, this project serves as a beacon for educational enrichment, supporting the growth and development of students across Tennessee.

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