Policy Systems & Environmental Change Websites

Complex Content and Project Coordination on a National Scale

Catalyzing Community Health through Digital Platforms

The Policy Systems & Environmental Change initiative represents a groundbreaking effort to foster community health improvements through strategic policy, system, and environmental changes. Anchored by three dedicated websites—psechange.org, efneppse.org, and snapedpse.org—this project serves as a comprehensive digital resource aimed at empowering communities to create healthier local environments. Each site is meticulously designed to offer tools, resources, and knowledge to support initiatives focused on building skills for policy, systems, and environmental approaches conducive to health.

Strategic Leadership and Creative Innovation

Guided Project Evolution

Led the project’s creative development from post-inception through to deployment, ensuring each phase aligned with strategic goals and delivered impactful outcomes.

Provided strategic creative direction, guiding the aesthetic and functional evolution of the websites to effectively communicate their mission and resources.

Resource Management and Quality Assurance

Managed creative funding, optimizing the allocation of resources to enhance the project’s reach and effectiveness.

Ensured high standards of quality across all aspects of the project, from website functionality to content accuracy, fostering a reliable and engaging user experience.

Collaboration and Outreach

Facilitated communication and collaboration with a diverse array of stakeholders, including community leaders, health specialists, and educational partners, ensuring the platforms were informed by a wide range of perspectives.

Led marketing efforts, UI/UX design, and SEO strategies to maximize the visibility and accessibility of the websites, connecting communities with valuable resources.

Provided technical consulting, ensuring the platforms were built on robust, scalable technologies to support ongoing and future initiatives.

Engaging Content and Social Influence

Oversaw the creation of custom content management systems, allowing for the efficient update and distribution of resources, video modules, and tools tailored to the needs of EFNEP and SNAP-Ed audiences.

Directed social media and marketing campaigns, significantly extending the reach of the initiative and engaging communities in meaningful dialogue about health and wellness strategies.

Unique Platforms with Shared Goals

EFNEP Website: Focuses on the role of policy, system, and environmental changes within collaborative, community settings, reinforcing EFNEP’s commitment to community health.

SNAP-Ed Website: Offers video modules and resources designed to implement PSE strategies in community settings, guided by SNAP-Ed’s framework for impactful change.

The Policy Systems & Environmental Change Websites project exemplifies a strategic approach to leveraging digital platforms for community health advocacy. Through thoughtful leadership, creative innovation, and a commitment to collaboration and quality, this initiative successfully bridges the gap between knowledge and action, enabling communities to pursue healthier, more sustainable environments.

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