UT Piggy Bank Pageant

Rebrand and Rebuild of Site

Fostering Financial Literacy Through Creative Engagement

The UT Piggy Bank Pageant, aptly named “Vote for the Pig,” is an innovative initiative by UT Extension FCS to instill the value of financial literacy among youth. This annual event leverages the competitive spirit of a pageant to educate young participants about the importance of saving money. Through partnerships with local 4-H groups and schools across the state, FCS Agents engage students in a hands-on learning experience, culminating in a contest where winners from each of Tennessee’s 96 counties have the opportunity to showcase their creatively designed piggy banks on a global stage, vying for prizes and recognition.

Comprehensive Leadership and Digital Innovation

Project Inception and Strategic Direction

Led the project from its conceptualization to full-scale deployment, ensuring a seamless execution of the annual event.

Directed strategic creative decisions, establishing a fun yet educational platform that resonates with youth and encourages participation.

Creative Vision and Team Management

Provided art direction for branding, design, and content, creating an engaging and visually appealing online presence for the pageant.

Managed a dedicated team of creatives, fostering innovation and collaboration to produce high-quality materials and experiences.

Quality Assurance and Stakeholder Engagement

Ensured the highest standards of project quality, from web functionality to content accuracy, creating a safe and enjoyable user experience.

Facilitated communication with a wide array of stakeholders, including educational partners, participants, and their guardians, ensuring a transparent and inclusive process.

Digital Excellence and Outreach

Developed the website with a focus on UI/UX, making the voting process intuitive, fair, and secure, especially for minor participants.

Implemented SEO strategies and custom content management to enhance the site’s visibility and accessibility.

Provided technical consulting, ensuring the robustness of the voting platform and the website’s overall performance.

Led social media and marketing efforts to attract participants and gather public votes, driving significant engagement with hundreds of thousands of votes cast during the week-long voting period.

Visual Storytelling and Research

Directed graphic design and photography efforts, capturing the creativity of the piggy banks and the essence of the event.

Conducted research to inform educational content and resources, further supporting the program’s financial literacy goals.

The UT Piggy Bank Pageant exemplifies how creative initiatives can play a crucial role in educating youth about key life skills like financial literacy. Through strategic leadership, innovative digital solutions, and a commitment to quality and safety, this project not only celebrates the creativity of Tennessee’s youth but also lays the foundation for lifelong habits of saving and financial responsibility.

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