A Matter of Balance Website

Virtual Answer to Planned In-Person Delivery

Enhancing Accessibility and Confidence Through Innovative Training

“A Matter of Balance” stands as a pivotal program offered by UT Extension, designed to address and manage the concerns surrounding falls among participants. Initially conceived to be delivered entirely through in-person training, the unforeseen challenges of COVID-19 necessitated a swift adaptation. This led to the creation of a comprehensive website, supplemented by strategic social media engagement and Zoom sessions, to facilitate both virtual and hybrid training solutions. This initiative underscores our commitment to accessibility and the well-being of our community, ensuring that vital training can continue uninterrupted, regardless of external circumstances.

Leadership and Innovation in Program Development

Strategic Project Leadership

Oversaw the entire creative project lifecycle, from its inception to successful deployment, adapting swiftly to changing needs due to COVID-19.

Implemented strategic creative direction to navigate the project through unprecedented times, ensuring the program’s objectives were met innovatively.

Creative Excellence and Team Dynamics

Directed design efforts, developing branding, design, and content that resonated with the program’s mission and audience.

Led a talented team of creatives, fostering a collaborative environment to drive the project forward with creativity and purpose.

Resource Management and Quality Control

Managed creative funding efficiently, allocating resources to maximize impact and reach of the program.

Upheld the highest standards of quality across all project facets, from digital platforms to training materials, ensuring a seamless and enriching user experience.

Engagement and Communication

Maintained open lines of communication with a broad spectrum of stakeholders, from internal teams to external partners, ensuring collaborative success and alignment with project goals.

Handled project scope and reporting with diligence, offering transparency and accountability throughout the development process.

Digital Strategy and Outreach

Spearheaded the web development and UI/UX design, creating an intuitive and user-friendly platform that supports virtual and hybrid training formats.

Optimized online visibility through targeted SEO practices, enhancing the program’s accessibility to those in need.

Orchestrated a custom content management system and provided technical consulting, ensuring the platform’s reliability and ease of use.

Leveraged social media and social marketing to extend the program’s reach, engaging with the community and promoting the availability of virtual training options.

Content Creation and Research

Directed the production of engaging graphic design and photography, visually capturing the essence of the program and its benefits.

Conducted thorough research to inform content development, ensuring all materials were informative, accurate, and supportive of the program’s goals.

The “A Matter of Balance” program exemplifies UT Extension’s adaptability and dedication to community health and safety. Through strategic leadership, innovative digital solutions, and a commitment to quality and accessibility, we have successfully transformed a challenge into an opportunity, providing valuable training to those managing concerns about falls in a flexible and inclusive manner.

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