Team Building and Leadership in Creative Content Development

Creative Content Team Development

Cultivating a Dynamic Creative Content Team

At the heart of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) at The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture lies a dynamic team dedicated to web design and development, graphic design, e-learning, social media management, storytelling, video production, and photography. As the leader of this diverse group, my role transcended typical management duties, embracing strategic communication planning, creative direction, brand management, storytelling integration, grant inclusion, and providing consultancy to leadership, subject matter experts, and partners.

Strategic Leadership and Team Synergy

Evolving Team Dynamics

Initiated as the sole communications catalyst for the FCS department, my journey began with streamlining creative production and program delivery processes. This foundation allowed for the strategic expansion of the team, aimed at supporting an array of departmental programs and projects.

Championed the implementation and refinement of design and development processes, ensuring that our team not only met but exceeded the creative expectations set forth by our projects and initiatives.

Fostering Growth and Excellence

Prioritized the exploration of potential projects with relevance and impact, aligning our efforts with the department’s strategic goals and community needs.

Worked diligently to formalize the team’s structure, establishing clear roles, responsibilities, and workflows that fostered efficiency and creativity.

Mentorship and Direction

Served as a creative director and mentor, guiding the team through objective critique and guidance, nurturing their talents, and encouraging innovative solutions.

Developed comprehensive job roles and functions within the team, ensuring each member’s skills and interests were effectively utilized to contribute to our collective success.

Strategic Collaboration and Outreach

Acted as a liaison to marketing, ITS departments, and outside vendors, enhancing collaboration and resource sharing across organizational boundaries.

Represented the department at conferences and within professional organizations, showcasing our work and forging connections with the broader Extension community.

Enhancing Departmental Impact

Coordinated with subject matter experts to ensure content accuracy and relevance, bridging the gap between research and creative expression.

Developed resources and training opportunities for the team, empowering them with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in their respective areas.

Budget and Performance Management

Managed budgets with a keen eye on maximizing impact while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Conducted performance reviews, providing constructive feedback and setting goals that aligned with individual growth and departmental objectives.

This section of the portfolio not only highlights the key roles and responsibilities that defined my leadership within the Creative Content Team but also underscores the collaborative spirit, strategic planning, and dedication to excellence that propelled the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences forward. Through focused team building and leadership, we have established a culture of creativity and innovation that continuously advances the mission of UT Extension FCS.

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