Social Media Innovation and Engagement

Elevating UT Extension FCS Through Strategic Social Media

In my role as the creative lead for the Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Creative Content Team at the University of Tennessee Extension, I spearheaded the development and execution of comprehensive social media strategies that significantly enhanced our digital presence and community engagement. This portfolio space is dedicated to showcasing the multifaceted social media projects that not only increased our reach but also deepened our connection with diverse audiences across Tennessee and beyond.

Strategic Planning and Creative Execution

Content Development and Distribution

  • Led the monthly planning and execution of social media strategies, ensuring a consistent and impactful online presence across various platforms. This included the creation and publication of engaging content tailored to the interests and needs of our communities.
  • Coordinated with subject matter experts to curate content, combining expert knowledge with creative art and copywriting. This collaboration resulted in a dynamic content calendar that provided daily social media opportunities for each of our 96 county Extension offices, fostering local engagement and statewide consistency.

Brand Management and Audience Interaction

  • Managed the state-level social channels for the UT Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Department (@utextensionfcs), across multiple social media platforms. This role included the strategic development of content, monitoring and engaging with our online community, and amplifying the FCS message of empowerment, education, and wellness.
  • Assisted with the social media efforts at the Institute level for UT Extension (@utextension), contributing to broader engagement strategies and supporting the overarching goals of UT Extension.

Analytical Insight and Impact Measurement

  • Employed a data-driven approach to social media management, closely monitoring metrics and insights on each platform to measure the effectiveness of our strategies. This analytical perspective allowed for continuous optimization of our efforts, ensuring that we delivered valuable content that resonated with our audience.

Collaboration and Project Management

  • Oversaw several grant-funded initiatives and social media campaigns, managing the involvement of contracted designers, agencies, and student workers. This included ensuring that all content and campaigns aligned with grant objectives and UT Extension’s mission, as well as coordinating the logistical aspects of project execution.

A Legacy of Digital Engagement

This section of my portfolio illuminates the strategic, creative, and analytical facets of my leadership in social media marketing, design, and management for UT Extension FCS. Through innovative strategies and collaborative efforts, my team and I successfully navigated the complexities of digital engagement, setting a benchmark for excellence in social media communication within the realm of extension services. Our work not only showcased the transformative power of FCS programs but also established a model for meaningful online interaction and community building.

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